Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Dump of my Wandering

K, so I'm not gonna lie, I'm really lazy today, so I'm not resizing these. But I wandered quite a bit the last couple of days, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. So here's some of the photos I took.

Hell yes, Batman's in the centre.

Oh look, a river!

That's clever.

This is awesome. I liked it.
Animaniacs????? Haha.
SEE TREES IN THREES. It's really early. Sorry.

This sign is awesome because it's retro.

Do you see the mistake? I do. Look at the gun.

I wanna work here. But that goes without saying.

Finally made it to the mall.

Okay, these are massive, and for no reason too.

I kind of wanted to go in...but I wasn't hungry.

After getting lost for three hours, this was my view.

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