Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo Dump; Post- Grocery Shop.

I decided that I couldn't live off of chicken, bread, and water for the next two weeks; No offense Andrew, but I like food. Also I'm not currently working, so I'm gonna cook reasonably well.

So I decided to go on a trip, with some photography to boot.

I'm still stunned by the fact that I can just walk out, and it's like - hey what's up, I'm a mountain.

More mountain.

Also, Oakwoods, has tons of these little pink flowers.
They're quite cute.

No seriously, they're everywhere.

Houses on Mountains, in a place where there's earthquakes, seems a little counter productive.

Olive Street, and Warner Brothers Studios! Just driving by today...maybe drop by soon.

A shout-out to Amy, who loves this show more than she loves me. :(

This building is so cute and it's a drycleaners, still, it's adorable.

I love these buildings!

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